Monday, 1 June 2009

Key Skills

- Excellent team leader and team player – confident, affable and communicative.

- Extensive game and level design experience - layout, flow, key interactions, core mechanics.

- Talented at crafting and communicating location-based and implied storytelling.

- Writing back-story, dialog and all in-game text – tutorials, story and functional descriptions.

- Defining pace and complexity of gameplay, directing user reaction and interpretation.

- Skilled in building consistent and fun worlds, levels and gameplay - internal or 3rd party tools.

- Dressing locations for aesthetic effect, with precedence to play- and read-ability.

- Successfully managing and driving outsourcing in Art, Sound and Game Design.

- Practical ability to learn software quickly and productively – be they internal or 3rd party tools.

- Adaptable and practical, delivering consistently excellent results to changing specs.

- Testing and evaluating all elements and aspects of a game, during iteration and QA phases.

- Proficient in Photoshop, Word, Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Devtrack, Perforce.

- Experience in Softimage XSI, 3DS Max, UnrealEd, Hammer, Hansoft, Illustrator, SketchUp, MS Project, Bugzilla.

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